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Sexy pittsburgh webcams

" "Oh God, that's not right, I'm her doctor," he mumbled. " I cooed into his ear, each breath tickling him, caressing him, inflaming him."And it is big Daddy," I said huskily, my eyes drifting down towards the crimson cock that lay between our bodies. "Of course, you're beautiful honey, but..." he stuttered, reddening as he spoke.Still, tonight I'd decided to spend the night in Daddy's bed, have him awaken to my naked body curled against him, preparing him for what was to come, for what he'd already started to desire. "Oh Daddy," I murmured while stretching and moving so the silk sheet slid below my breasts, my ruby tipped nipples immediately jumping erect."I had a nightmare Daddy, a terrible nightmare," I said in a little girl's voice as I leaned over towards him, letting him feel my nipple brush against his chest. Arabs I think, big, ugly, dirty men with long smelly beards.My story 'Swimming With the Dolphins' received more votes than any story I've submitted to Literotica and in fact received more votes than any of the other 150 odd entries in the contest – thanks everyone!Please continue to vote and send your comments, it's the feedback that makes writing stories fun. " I whispered Stephanie Seduces her Handsome Father THE PAST – JUNE 1994 - PITTSBURGH "Daddy," I whispered as I glided across the moonlit room, stopping only when my trembling knees gently brushed against the silk sheets on his king size bed. " I asked again as I leant over my fathers body, purring into his ear, my tongue twitching just an inch away, already eager to lick inside him."They attacked me Daddy, in a dark alley, three of them, they were so big, so ugly,... it was awful, filthy..." "Its okay sweetie, please stop, its okay don't cry. "God honey, I'm an old man, way too old and feeble for a beautiful young girl like you," he protested, but made no attempt to move away, in fact seemed to push his hard shaft even harder into me. All my friends think you're sooo hot." "Yeah sure," Daddy responded, a blush spreading across his face. "I'm sorry honey, I won't wear it again, I didn't mean to embarrass..." "Its okay Daddy, I liked it.

You shouldn't look at me honey when I'm naked," he insisted as he saw my eyes drift downward to the awakening giant. " "It was dark Daddy, so dark," I whispered, my lips just inches from his. Oh God, I gagged Daddy, each time he pushed it into my throat..hurt Daddy," I wept, my face contorted into a grimace of disgust, "...then one of the other ones put his finger in my rear, into my ... you know, my bum Daddy..he put his penis, his big Arab penis...weren't circumcised Daddy... "You'll find a nice boy your own age soon sweetie, a boy you'll fall in love with, a boy you'll want to marry and start a family with," he continued, but I could see he was happy and excited with my compliment. and no ones as handsome as you Daddy," I said as I hugged him even tighter, forcing him to feel his little girl's now ripe body. "You should have heard what they said Daddy when you left ...about how they'd like to get you alone and take off your suit and feel it in...," I trailed off giggling.

"Don't you like it that young girls want you Daddy? "Wouldn't you like to make love to Monica or Jacqui or one of my other friends? You don't think they're sexy when you see them naked in your office? "They're nice girls honey, but they're too young for me..." "They're woman now Daddy, like me. "If I wasn't your daughter, your little girl, would you want to make love to me Daddy?

" "They're just girls Steffie; I'd never have sex with young friends of yours, I've known them since they were little girls, they're my patients," he protested fiercely as he grew ever harder against my stomach. " I pressed him for an answer even as my fingers moved onto and around his hardness. " He groaned rolling away from me, and then rose up and jumped out of bed, his long shaft bouncing proudly as he moved.

Only twice had I stayed right through til morning but both times he woke to find me dressed demurely in my most conservative p.j.'s, always accepting my lame excuses for being there, never suspecting I'd lain naked in his arms for hours.

The first time he'd ejaculated as I lay next to him I'd been stunned, sure that he must be awake as his ropy strands splashed against my stomach and thighs.

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Due to a number of reasons this is the first story I've been able to submit in over two months.