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We deny the assertion, that it is impossible to take care of a large family of servants — it may Le a labor of Hercules to cleanse an Augean stable : but we trust there are few such slovens as the king of Elis ; and if it were our lot to inherit after so dirty a predecessor, there are strong streams that may even now, and in this country, be turned to the purifying purpose of the Alpheus or the Peneus *. How half of us can stand this scrutiny, let us ask our own consciences. Call now and receive three free phone sex trial minutes to use whenever you get to horny for us. Your favorite Asian and busty blonde cambabes are ready to roleplay live on cam now!a I E) RAFIY OF THE UN IVLRSITY Of ILLINOIS 823 H V. It is the resort of ignorance and idleness, and the source of infinite mischief.

The sentiment declares itself in an implied injunction to the beholders, to consider the dignity of those who have persons so dignified in appearance to wait on them.

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' I ahvays ITf TRODUCTORY CHAPTER; XXXl * I always permit my woman to read all the no- vels I read myself,' is a speech x Qvhutim, Mhixrh saves us all trouble on this head.

Can such per- sons be fit guides for the youth of their own sex ?

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Can thev recollect, that he who does not take care of his houshold, is styled by one of the Apos- tles, worse than an infidel ?

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