Course in miracles dating

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Course in miracles dating

Whatever you think and feel, you will draw to you from the world; this is the law of attraction.

Therefore, all you need to do is use this law of attraction to manifest the things you want from the world, and you will be happy.

It has quieted many of my fears and has taught me to turn to my silent center whenever I am feeling distressed. In fact, according to the Course, Love is the central lesson of Jesus’ crucifixion: “Teach only Love, for that is what you are.” Before studying , I would have been afraid to tell gay men who enjoyed one-night stands that God loves them just the way they are. John Mc Neill, a Jesuit psychologist, had told me that I should never put down anybody’s attempts to relate.

But before I would have been too scared of God’s judgment to follow Mc Neill’s wise counsel.

By Virginia Ramey Mollenkott Back in 1974 or 5, I was a professor at William Paterson College, had divorced Fred Mollenkott, and was living with my son Paul and my then-partner in Hewitt, New Jersey.

A friend and former student who was working at Harlem Valley State Hospital was given, by her colleague Ken Wapnick, a mimeographed copy (in three paperback volumes) of something called every day along with singing inclusive-language hymns, reflecting on biblical truths, and praying together.

But I am so keenly aware of all the disputes about Bible translations and biblical interpretations that I am not bothered by the similar tempests that surround .

It has made me a kinder, more understanding person than I formerly was.

My son seemed to me very ungrateful for what I did for him; and instead of confronting him, I asked the Holy Spirit to take care of it for me.

What I would really enjoy is interacting with people online who are willing to think about Course principles and discuss them in depth.

Including the resistance they may feel to some of these principles.

And they did raise me from the deadness of valuing my own “rightness” at the expense of other peoples’ “wrongness.” Are you up for miracles?

Do you have any perception you would be willing to see transformed?

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If you would be willing to probe your own response to that principle and write out your experience with it, I’d love to interact with you in this space.

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