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Buddy list webcam buddy

but I haven't seen any announcement from Google about this change. Update: After learning more about the issue and posting an answer, I visited https://plus.to look at my chat settings. Change which circles you can chat with by choosing Privacy Settings from the chat menu. But I'm still a little alarmed that Google would change my buddy list. Chat with the people in your circles You can now chat with the people in your circles (who also have you in their circles). It reminds me of the privacy problems Google Buzz had at launch. I chatted briefly with a few of these new "buddies" and it was nice.3, 2012 my buddy list is full of people from Google . As far as I can tell, these new "buddies" are people who are in my Google circles and who also have me in circles. Perhaps this question is now too localized, if it only applied to a relatively brief period of time. Thanks for your patience and understanding." Within a couple days by buddy list was back to normal; the people from Google who had been added to my buddy list were gone, as I reported in Google's forum.The company will be releasing the first update for Home today, though it will only include bug fixes and performance enhancements, and no new features.Note: You'll need to have a webcam installed and set up on your computer in order to participate or start a video chat. This issue would be better addressed in a separate question, however.) I'm trying not to editorialize too much, but I think changing users' buddy list is a big deal. (Side note: I've always called it Google Talk and it's confusing to me that it's now sometimes called Chat.

I use Pidgin to log into Google Talk every morning and as of Friday, Feb. (I still haven't clicked "Enable chat" in Google .) Perhaps everyone's buddy list is back to normal now.

The company reported that Home users spend 25 percent more time on the service than the average user, and that they leave 25 percent more comments and likes, as well.

To ease-in new adopters, Facebook is also planning on adding a walkthrough to Home to help familiarize users with the software.

It seems rather brash of Google to alter their users' buddy lists. Update #2: On 2012-02-06 a Google employee posted, "Do know that this sudden opt-in was a known issue that our team quickly learned of and was working on addressing.

Some people in the posts above make reference to some change they agreed to a month ago, and I very well may have clicked something, but I'd be curious to see a post from Google about what I agreed to. Along the left side, I see "Enable Chat" and when I click it, a dialog pops up with. I'd like to keep this question focused on the facts, but if you want to editorialize about this with me, please take it to my post about this on Google .

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Favorites is a list of people you've indicated are your favorites by clicking the drop-down menu in the top right corner and selecting Add to Favorites. Note: You will need to have a webcam installed and set up on your computer in order to participate or start a video chat.

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